Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dixie birthday party

journey to D bdae party..

now (6.30 pm) go jalan perak to fetch HQ n Clemontee..
whoa! Like wat C said.. SHE real looked like a lady bird
(black n red in her dress)haiz..stuck in traffic jam..
reach there abt 6.55 pm.  enjoy dinner in Stallions restaurant..
cheers n laughter can be heard from time to time..
Game time~ we laughed til our sides ache..
Carmen looked great n full of confident in her dance..
A few sang songs for Dixie.. not bad not bad..

wat a huge bdae cake

All of us

7 ladies!

15 ladies! if i m not mistaken

mee n nee (nickname)

shin.. nee & mee


black vs. yellow