Friday, February 26, 2010

Lonely Streets Came Alive

Surprisingly, my dad suggested that he wanted to bring us to participate the annual CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration on the 20th Feb. As a penangite for almost 18 years, it was my first time taking part in these such grand activities.

Apparently, it took us some time to find a parking area. However, we still had to walk quite a long distance to our destination. The event started at 3pm until the midnight at the inner city heritage enclave. The activities took place at nine different streets which I could say that--- some of the streets I had never travelled before.

Hmm.. firstly, we visited Penang Islamic Museum and it was free admission. OF course, I snapped some pictures there.

When darkness beginning to descend, every streets were slowly thronged with crowds ( holiday-makers, foreign visitors, local people....). Arghh.. I was suffocated and kept sweating. It was believed that over 100,000 participants turned up for the street party. Armed with a free guide booklet, we walked around the streets.

I was pretty fascinated with the decorations there. Strings of bright red lanterns had been put up while the grey structures and historical buildings or whatsoever were adorned with an eye-catching designs. IT seemed like the old old streets already came alive with excitement and sounds.

DANG DANG DANG.. Highlight of the day:
The arrival of the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng. For sure we met him that day. Well, he was my dad's idol. Come on, Thumbs up & Claps hands to him!!! He indeed had done his great job. Fully support you , MR.Lim! FOR OUR CITIZENS, FOR OUR COUNTRY & FOR OUR FUTURE!

The revelries went on all night. Around 9 something, we went nearby for our dinner and we then went back home.

Souvenirs from the party

Comment of the day:
I was impressed with the costly cultural extravaganza as well as the historical sites.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Past Tense

Again...Again & again...
This blog was supposed to be post up last two weeks..
Below were some of my masterpiece..
take your time and enjoy.. =D
those were took on CNY eve..
just before we had our reunion dinner at my uncle's place...

flower pots

'go green'

they're too shy to us

that's my cousin & me plus the rabbit

my liking no.1

my liking no.2

'come come..I let you punch me'

they were playing, kicking, running and whatever..
lol..warming up first before having steamboat?

Penang's Harry Potter?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day Hang Out

Dear my friends,
Dear my readers,
Dear my followers,

Sorry that let you waiting for so long. My laziness attacked me again. I had been zillion years not updated my blog. ok Ok.. maybe i was exaggerating it.. Anyway, here am I- came back blogging again.

Hmm.. IT was time to reflect what happened last two week.

12th of Feb, FRIDAY was our (fellow buddies) gathering at Queensbay. Well, it was hard that we could find a day to meet all together as some already :

  • entered college

  • went for National Service

  • working

  • shaking legs at home

  • and blablabla.....
I dismissed from my work early that day. Rapidly, it just took me half an hour to get ready myself and then headed to my next destination. Thanks to my mum, although she was busy that whole afternoon, she still dropped me at Sushi King, Prangin Mall to meet Hooi Ni aka Miss Cartoon there. Of course we went Queensbay by rapid. Honestly, I could tell you :

  • The well-ventilated;

  • The not-so-crowded;

  • The 'first rated' rapid as well as

  • The comfortable seat
made me had a pleasant time there. =)  Let's the picture below continue part of the story..

us in the fitting room

us in the washroom

us at the ground floor

Having dinner at NANDO'S..
each of us narrated our own story and chattered around..


Geik.. i call her pooh bear

miss Cartoon ( don't scold me) :)

hey ghost.. the real Bubu is Li yen..not me

Kai Lin..well I dont have any nickname for her

Kar Mun.. she name her cute puppy 'kopi'

Wan Ying.. The snowwhite.. see she is so fair..

aiks.. sadly and regretly, I din take photo with all of them that day.. The night crawled  by slowly.. some of us went back early.. I am not the exception. Overall, I definitely had sheer joy and spent a marvellous time there.

Finally, picture of the day >>>

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Look at the title, I'm pretty sure that you know damn well what I mean. Well, I had endured a difficult night. A few days ago, my dad brought us ( my mum & I ) to join a function organised by his friend. Hmm.. I nearly jumped out of my skin when my dad's boss asked us to join in their conversation.   
 Not surprisingly, he spoke fluent english. Apparently, I had to converse with him with my broken english without any choices. hehe.. He kindly told me about his past time tale, shared his opinion and not least gave me a piece of his advise on my further studies. Nevertheless, I could feel we were dying of embaressment throughout the whole night.  
 I hardly blurted out a word. At that moment, how I wish the floor could open up and swallow me in.


CNY is around
 the corner