Thursday, December 31, 2009

Say goodbye to 2009

How time flies,
the past year would probably go down in history,
about 7 hours to go, let's welcome 2010 excitedly and warmly.

New Year's Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past.
It's a time for us to reflect on the changes we want or we need
to make our lives to be a better one.

While the age catching up,
I pray that family & friends
 to be overwhelmed with health and wealth.
Also, I hope that i would be grown up
more mature and always be myself.
Have you ever promise yourself to do something,
but u never complete the tasks?
I have always been vowed that i want to make a new year the year
to learn something new, try my best to improve myself,
strive hard to pass the examinations with flying colors.....
but i fails to fulfill not even one of the wishes.

2010 is the start of a new decade.2010 is a year of new hope.

In my final blog of 2009,
I would like to end the year on a positive note.
I cherish the moment with my family and friends.
To those who support and care me for most of the time,
here I  wanna to say 'Thankyou'. Though short, but meaningful.
With all the wills and powers,
You guys have made me become stronger and tougher.

The day after today,
I would probably enter the next phase of my life.
I had completed my five years in my high school.
I had known for my buddies.
They're my peers, my counterparts and my soulmates
A new challenge awaits me, and i'm looking forward to facing it.
That's right....    I AM WHO I AM

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trip to KL again!

NO WAY! A week later, I went to KL again. Didn't know how i would go through these long long 10-hour journey sitting in d car. Quite bored isn't it?  However dis time d trip was about to: a) pay my cousins visit  b) visit to their new house

first and foremost merry christmas to all of u. Our journey began~

There were 2 'teams' which travelled from Penang to KL. One of d two teams was my family. Another one was my cousin and his family. About 10 sth in d morning, we departed for KL.

3.30pm- finally we reached my cousin's house.

their doggy

I found three interesting places there to play:
a) the small theatre. It was just like a real theatre in d cinema. d sound system was really good. I curled myself up in d armed chair in air-conditioned room to watch G.I.Joe.

rating 7/10

b) the room to play snooker.  I was just sitting there watched them play most of d time as i was not really know how to play plus my skills was not so good if compared to theirs.

c) the stairs up to the roof top. there were so much things kept up there and two huge tangki.

Aunty brought us to Subang Parade to shop. I just did window-shopping dere and took some pictures.

After that, we went to aunty's fren christmas party. (BUFFET) whoo. there were a wide variety of  finger-liking food.

Wake up early in d morning, having roti canai and a cup of teh tarik as my breakfast at mamak stall.

Next, ONE UTAMA was the first destination of our day. hmm, bought me a shirt dere. quite worth it as got 50% discount. d workers in dat shop were so so polite and welcomed us warmly. Duno how many times d i heard 'thank you' from them in only 10-minute time. Having lunch at VIETNAM KITCHEN.  I was pretty amazed by d decorations dere especially d bamboo pipes.


IT was night time again. went to Teluk Tung. (an hour journey to dere from Subang) guess wat? we ate sea food. It was a few years d since i ate sea food. Prawns and crabs were my favourites..yummy.. somemore we ate 'bali onglai' ( sweet & bitter taste.. not bad)

Headed for Centro Mall to have Dimsum at 皇宫restaurant. Again, ate until my stomach very full. Guess my mass would be raised up after back from d trip.

Noting special about dat dae.. ohh ya. we came across Malay artistes who were acting dere. Curiousity of us and some workers grew and thus we watched them not far from d scene. I wonder how long it would take. bla bla bla.... finally reached penang at night. That was the end of d day....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cherish d moment

finally. D moment dat i was looking forward finally arrive.

PART 1 ---- trip to KL

hmm..5.25am. Almost all gathered at AAY already. Along d way, d little Hooi ni was so so cunning. Snap kailin n me our sleeping face in d bus.LOL. Around 12 we reach KL if i was not mistaken.

First of our destination was PLANETARIUM NEGARA.
I thought d place was huge n it was quite fun dere. Actually it was only 1 per 10 of pcghs.haha.
OMG~ d 30-minute 3D movie damn boring n found it hard to understand. waste time only!
d most interesting place to play was d anti-gravity room. here was d pic.


our stomach were 'groanning'. Look for a place to have lunch. =VIVO PIZZA=


Guess wat? after taking d lunch. I felt myself uneasy. I could feel d bolus started rinsing from my stomach and then my throat. 'VOMIT' dis word came into my mind. How bad! first time & first day of my trip. aiks.

check in into Grand Pacific. NEXT was PAVILION
whoa. there were christmas decorations everywhere plus artificial snow. I was mesmerised by it.
Fearing dat i might vomit again, i had only cream puff & a cup of milo as my dinner.



LY and SM

Back to hotel. play UNO card for a while. I couldn't sleep d whole nite. plus++ i was hungry in d middle of night..TORTURE! Hooini and liyen slept like a pig .hehe..

PART 2--- trip to Genting

Went to top of d mountain by cable car. Reach dere abt 9 sth. Bought tickets at d entrance.
We straight went to ride Corkscrew. Actually i was quite worried n scared. My heart kept pounding hard against my chest non stop. Argghhh~~ scream through d air.

We were shivering all over with cold while queueing for our turn. Kacau by some 'samseng'. not dat serious la of coz. haha.

"SIN MEI................!" who's calling me?

"OHH  HI......................!" how happy was I . Guess wat? It was Alina, phei yin and Sze sze...
Meet them at genting too.

Around 7.30pm, again went back by cable car. Next CHEE CHEONG GAI.
walau eh. every crowd n d place was complicated! found many samseng dere! haha..

PART 3--- trip to Sunway

Man! only 6 of us of d whole bus went to sunway lagoon. d others visited sunway piramid.
d games were not so exciting if comapared to d games in genting. Again, been kacau by samseng while we were floating in d water. many events happened dere. I could feel like i was took part in Amazing Race cox we were lost. Get into d wrong entrance. It was d first time we walked in d malls with wet bodies n clothes. Luckily i still had my slippers on foot. Poor KL & LY had to walk with bare foot. Every passer-by stared at us with their weird eyes. Worse of all, a lady promoter laughed at us. Wat an unforgettable day!


four of us

hey look! our face at d bus stop

Monday, December 14, 2009


WOOHOO...I just wanna to shout it loudly~~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Memorable events

Part  1

Happy Golden Anniversary on 27th November.. should oso be 'Big family gathering' ? yea..having dinner  
with relatives and cousins. Khye back from Kampar. Aunty Lan n Vei
Lynn they all came here from KL.. it would be fun and wonderful as
all gathering around.. haiz..i still hav to prepare for my exam dat
week especially 'BIO and ACC' ,two tough paper.. spoil my mood only..
fine..let's put d thoughts away..

tang tang tang...

congrates AH GONG & AH MA.. u both were pretty sure over d
 moon dat night.NO..u both were touched.. ah gong can't tahan until
tears blurring his visions when we wish them n sang 'happy golden anniversary'.
d song quite weird as we create ourselves.. haha.. (first try wat)

 happy cousins!

my favourite dishes..(salad & spicy prawns)

 ohh! another main character=== KHYE=== THE B'DAE BOY
celebrate his bdae on d same day too.. yaya..u 're a legally
adult now..  can do syiok..

the next day.(saturday) Dad, Mum, sis and bro they all went to Ipoh..
& stay over night.. it was first time dat i was left alone in
d house.. T.T   Aunty n Lynn came and accompany me..
i'm so sorry for dat dae.. for i did not serve u al well..

Part 2

==Last Day tuition at MR.BuN and AAY==


he loves to joke, play prank, fool around and frighten ppl
he not only gud in teaching, tells us some knowledge dat is
not found in d books, politic tricks, shares his experience &  stories
with us, but he oso teach us how to be a better MAN..

four yrs time at dere..

                               more than half yrs at AAY. though short time
                                      but enjoy myself dere (chatting wiv KL N SY)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


first blog in December.

4/5 of SPM had been completed..
2 more papers(chem & bc) to go..

Man! shit stick onto my eyes..
i hav been so careless in some papers..
and lost my momentum..
don't hav mood to study recently..
err..mayb i was too tired to see all those words,
interpret those calculations and diagrams..
simply answer the questions..
i don't think i take seriously in spm..
hopefully these long and dreadful daes
would be ended soon. plus++
the results will not turn too bad like rotten eggs!

hairs getting's a gud news..
but i'm getting fatter and fatter! eat non-stop when studying..
maybe i nid more food to burn energy for my brains
to function well (BIO facts) haha..
got to exercise after examinations..

hah..will burn much holes in my pockets this month..
pay for the trips and buy some stuffs, 
and presents and movies!
2012 & NEW MOON  wait for me ya..
i'll come to u after two weeks time..

stay turn:  AH gong and Ah ma wedding anniversary last friday
               and some memorable events..will update in my next blog..