Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time waits for no man

Well, my life was packed with schedule recently.  Loads of  homework and assignments are always waiting there for  me. I have been a few days din switch on pc and up-to-date with the news feed in facebook.

After listening to one's advice, I started to realise that the saying ' Time is of essence' is totally true. I began to slow down my pace these few days. What happen to me?  =(  This was not the thing that I want. I wish I can always try my best from time to time.

Sometimes, I feel kinda regret towards my silly actions. Thank to him, he is the one who always be there to remind us what should be done and what should-not-be.  That day onwards, I keep reminding me & encouraging me to be better and better, finally be the best one of me. I want to compete with myself but not others. That's the only thing that I can do - for my bright future. Though there lies circumstances ahead of me, I am always telling  myself,   " I will never try to give up-NEVER ! "  =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

我 VS 雨

雨,可是我的敌人。 无论用什么方式,我都斗不过它。参与昨日的学校越野赛跑后,就感到不适,结果感冒了。 我,讨厌生病。它,使我痛不欲生,好想与药物断绝关系。做任何事都无法聚精会神。   我不知不觉浪费了几包纸巾。 ='C