Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Her first attempt

Mum's first attempt at one kind of cookies was very successful..  I myself was not so clear about what it called.. well..it just took you not more than an hour to do it..what a simple and easy way.. hmm.. the golden brown homemade cookies tasted super scrumptious and crispy.. yummy yummy~

my personal rating 8/10

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nightmare returns~

Again.. Fear engulfed me as I dreamt of myself  fell down from a high place.. err.. Mayb was top of the hill? My heart kept beating out a heavy rthythm and I was awakened in the middle of night..
scary!  =(

Z is back!

Z actually was one of my best buddies in my life.. 
well.. we got used to chat and tease each other before..
hmm.. Z would always bring joys and sunshines to me..
Something bad happened last year...
and we didn't chat to each other for a very long time..
Recently, I have just known that..
Z was trying to mend and patch our friendship bond..
Perhaps.. we shall be friend again.. grins =)

Saturday, January 16, 2010



Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Surprise?

A very long story, so I just go straight to the point..

It's hard to believe.....

 Last few days, a middle aged man joted down his details for me while i was at my counter... he promised me a higher salary per month and called him if I need the job.. err? sth like sales girl I think.. LOL..sumore he would also apply university for me if  I just called him.... actually he told me to keep it as a secret.. walau eh.. duno he is a liar or not? haha..anyway.. I probably will try for that.. maybe I have to wait for another 2 years.. tiktok tiktok..

I would never wash my hands again! I just touched his hand a couple hours ago while taking him down the escalator..I fell in love with a kid today!!!!!!  arghh.. he was absolutely adorable and mischievous as a monkey!! muahaha..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Euphoria returns

In the 9th episode, a sudden happy feeling bubbles
through my body. Photobucket

I was never so leapt with joy during my working day until this
 episode..The things that happened in this afternoon totally changed my moods & minds..

haha..guess what..? 

OnE of the reasons----
I couldn't believe it!!! I stared at them ( a young man & his mum), puzzled. Bought 10 ( skirts, blouses, pants) from me..sum up RM 400++  they picked and took without looking at the price tags..then, they drop by at another brand...again, they just pointed at the clothes they fancy...

Second reason----
I just came across my f5 BC tch  ( dun hav any idea what her name is) during my break time.. hehe.. nevermind.. at least i was satisfied that she was still remember me... I think it was the second time i met her.The first time was at the book shop.. She had a new hair cut.. not bad..

BLA BLA BLA.... 3rd and 4th : secret..

hav3 a sweet 18th birthday ! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

4th episode

off today.. grins  
15 minutes ago, I was absolutely stunned, shocked and speechless when I saw that news.
Just one word to say about the truth---- UNBELIEVABLE
shhh..dun ask me why.. I'll never tell...

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Because it's too boring, so I...........................
Because I want to get some experience, so I........
Because I want to pass my free time wisely, so I.......
Because I want to earn some pocket money, so I...........

2.1.2010  was my second day I worked as a part-time promoter...
I promoted 'powerpuff girls'..haha..An aunty was my partner...
Actually she was quite nice to me..Huiqin, Aiping & me
worked in d same building but different department....
aiks...I was so lonely.... nobody to chat with...
Honestly, I found the job boring when there was not any customer...
plus++ my legs were so painful as I stood for almost 7 hrs ytd....

Today, I bumped into mr.Felex...so I chit-chat with him only
for awhile...Later, I saw Jessica (pcghs' tch) bought his son a shirt..
Hmm..hopefully there'll be more customers on tmro..