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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is still searching the momentum, will and power.......
         Wish me luck!!! =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Routines

 First routine
My first attempt to make multilayer of sandwishes and salad. Instead, this time was special as the sandwishes was hard work between piggy & me. Well, the whole process took us longer time than we had expected. Apparently, we mess up the kitchen. hehe..  Joyfully, the sandwishes tastes mouth-watering. Thumbs up for us!! Hooray!!

we shop for the ingreedients that morning.

ewe! =(  (the shape looked weird)
this was the end product after we slice and fried them.

multilayer sandwishes!! =)  

yummy !!! =D

Second routine
Of course, we did not miss those movies after suffering examinations and tiring school days.

 An horrible and bloody movie. Luckily,
it did not bring any nightmare to me. =)

 A must-watch and strongy recommended movie! 
Their dances was just as excellent as those in
' so you think you can dance'......

Third routine
Clean up my study room, file up a vast amount of my tuition notes as well as school notes.
hmm.. this instill mood and motivation in me to study hard in a condusive environment.

Forth routine
The malay saying goes ' badan sihat, otak cerdas'. Hmm, We enjoyed ourselves much in exercise- badminton, jogging and last but not least aerobic, which was my favourite. There was another reason lied behind it, I desire to burn up more calories in body. =P

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time waits for no man

Well, my life was packed with schedule recently.  Loads of  homework and assignments are always waiting there for  me. I have been a few days din switch on pc and up-to-date with the news feed in facebook.

After listening to one's advice, I started to realise that the saying ' Time is of essence' is totally true. I began to slow down my pace these few days. What happen to me?  =(  This was not the thing that I want. I wish I can always try my best from time to time.

Sometimes, I feel kinda regret towards my silly actions. Thank to him, he is the one who always be there to remind us what should be done and what should-not-be.  That day onwards, I keep reminding me & encouraging me to be better and better, finally be the best one of me. I want to compete with myself but not others. That's the only thing that I can do - for my bright future. Though there lies circumstances ahead of me, I am always telling  myself,   " I will never try to give up-NEVER ! "  =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

我 VS 雨

雨,可是我的敌人。 无论用什么方式,我都斗不过它。参与昨日的学校越野赛跑后,就感到不适,结果感冒了。 我,讨厌生病。它,使我痛不欲生,好想与药物断绝关系。做任何事都无法聚精会神。   我不知不觉浪费了几包纸巾。 ='C


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too sudden

First pre-U monthly test is just around the corner,
that is next week.
Damn, I was not fully make my preparations
for all those subjects especially Bio.
There are so many terms need to remember vividly
Plus, there exists a huge gap between f5 and f6.
Hard work & determination are needed from time to time.
well, I guess my tiny brain will burst one day. =P

Hmm.. What to do?
I am begging a person now for not punishing me.
But of course I will try my best as I could.
Please give me one more chance kay?
I will probably strive hard for my end-of-year examinations.

I know you are there,
looking at the every sentences. =D

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

无 奈






Monday, July 26, 2010

我 回来了






我, 想说 ‘对不起’...........

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I care about you(s)

Recently, few of my buddies are in sad mood
or should say being emo..
Apparently, I could not do anything in order
to help, to soothe, to cheer up you guys.
Pray hard that everything will be fine soon.
Please come back, the actual of you all.
God bless and take care! =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

O.U.R Farewell


Distance shall never separate us
nor lapse of time
can lessen our friendship.
Just like the kite,
held us strong at both side,
tie our friendship bond with its full magnitude,
together, forever.

by J & J

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My sweet 18



LOL... =D

Had my early birthday celebration with fellow buddies at Queensbay on 24th April. Obviously, the celebration this year was totally different and special compared to previous year. hmm.. let's intro our VIP during the day. A big applaus to them!! cheers..


Miss Yeoh


Miss Lee


Miss Pung


Miss Tan

We had our lunch at OXO. erm.. I like the atmosphere and interior design there. A nice and suitable place to recommend to you guys.  

Is it grand?

hmm.. thumbs up for the salad!  yummy..

Straight to the summary, we just did some window shopping and snap pictures.

first shot of LULU, DUDU & BUBU

I just wanna to say....
Special thanks to my family, my relatives,
my friends and not least my special one 
 for their birthday wishes and gifts.
IT's so great and just perfect!
Truly appreciate those around me.
Truly appreciate my life,
I will find I will have more than it.
You guys' presence were dearly missed.
It would not be so much fun without you guys.
All happen vividly clear in my mind.
And could feel it deep in my heart.

This is the unique gifts that I had ever got!
26.04.2010.. I had a fantastic night with you~
A hearty thanks again..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Unforgettable experience

Wake up early in this morning, get ready myself as quick as possible. LoL.. Fear started to engulf me. My two tooth were extracted this morning as I was going to put on braces soon. Luckily, my heart just beat out a soft rythm when the process was carried on. At the same time, I could hear the songs by Backstreet Boys played in the room. And it indeed helped me to relax myself.  Without my expectation, the 'operation' just took about 15 mins or 20 mins. Honestly, I did not feel pain at all. However, after a couple minutes, my face turned as pale as a white sheet and almost fainted while on our way back to the car park. So I had to take a short rest lay on the sofa there. Aiks, no pain no gain right?   ='(    ------>    =)

Miss there terribly.. LOL

Have you ever fell in deep love with a place?
Have you ever wish to stay there permanently?
Have you ever found out a place where you feel totally relaxed?

Ok... I have not been there for almost half a year.
There's one of my dating place with my friends. xP
We do our revisions, discuss and chat around.
Sometimes I like to curl myself  up in the armchair.
Well, the atmosphere is very cheerful.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walk For Sight

The title clearly says it. It was my first participation in this charity walk.

Hmm.. I found the event meaningful as we could grab the opportunity to experience blindness as well as it encourage us to more value our sight. The activity went on which the sighted person will lead another who was blindfolded on a walk. Well, Miss Yeoh, Miss Lee and Miss Ung we three walked in a group. We absolutely had fun along this 3.8 km walk.

I guess the whole walk just took us within one hour.

Dang Dang Dang.... Every participant watched out for this moment--> Lucky Draw!
Well, all total had 114 prizes as the event held on 11th April. Lucky me, I win number 86 though it was just a small gift, a feminine wash. Arghh, nevermind then.

my lucky number..

Poor LKM, got nothing from that. She must be furious and disappointed ! =P


Please fully support WFS!

picture of the day....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whatcha Say

Finally, the JPA interview that i attended yesterday was over. I heaved a sigh of relief.

" How's your interview?" they asked me.

" So so lo... no comment..," I replied.

I am in panel 3, first group and also got the number 1. So it  finished very soon.

The interviewers explained to us that the whole interview divided into three parts:

  • Introduce yourself in malay (given 2 mins )
  • Who is your role model in your life?..... * some sort like this*  (given 2 mins)
  • Why do you think you deserve to get the scholarship? (given 1 min)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good or Bad news?

hmm.. Next wednesday is a big day for me and is also a red letter day for one of my buddies. Guess what?

I will attend a JPA interview in Kepala Batas. I totally don't have any idea where the place is located. Anyway, my dad is going to figure out it soon.

err.. it's somewhere around here.. =D

Honestly, I hate it. What a complicated process. Have to photocopy and prepare all those documents, online take Ujian Khas, back to school to certify those stuffs, and get me a formal clothes as well.. blablabla....

Definitely I could feel butterflies in my tummy at that moment. haha.. Just hope everything will be fine and please do not sia sui myself there. Cross my fingers! wish me good luck. grins.. =)  *self-soothe*

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Past Tense Part 2

In a blink of an eye, I was jobless around sixteen days.
Let's recall back my working environment.

Because of it, I had known these three cute little cartoons:




Because of it, I learnt to be more patient.

Because of it, I gained much experience and
derived some benefits.

Because of it,  I grab the chance to bully HER

Because of it, the idea of the name of miss cartoon
and miss PPG exists.  =D

Because of it, we pretty sure had sheer joy there.

Last but not least.....
Because of it, I can show off one of my masterpieces here..
*jokes*  xP

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bye t0 My First Part Time Job

Something funny happened yesterday morning. Guess what?

As usual, my dad fetch me work early in the morning. Actually yesterday was the day that I quit my job there. My permanent aunty nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw me there, hmm.. can imagine?  (her expression, her look ) she thought that I worked till Monday only. No doubt. I had to call my mum fetch me home again. What I regret about was I still not yet say goodbye to my lovely PPG products, my colleagues plus I  had not completed my work yet. Arghh, felt like I was irresponsible at all.

Nevermind. Time flies. I spent around my 70 days there. Frankly, I had a sheer joy, gained much experience, and most of all I knew some good friends include those aunties. Hey, I missed out something. The days that I, Miss PPG worked together with Miss Cartoon, we indeed spent a marvellous time- idled and chattered around, did some nonsense as well as we had break time together.

Alright, now switch to my supervisors and the manager. err.. They treated us very good than to the permanent promoters. I had never expected it happen before. The day after the spm results was released, supervisors and my colleagues them came and asked me, plus they congrates me for doing well. Whoa, the news spread as quick as lightning. The whole floor knew it. Well, at that moment, warmness surround me and I could felt their sincerity.

I appreciate all those memories there. hmm. sweet & bitter. Photos would be uploaded soon.

Goodbye to my badge. Gonna return it later.. =(

Friday, March 12, 2010

My words

Yesterday was my daddy day off due to some reasons.. so he fetch me, with my mummy and my little brother to my school to get spm results.. poor dear.. we had to make my brother awakened early in the morning as we feared that he would miss his school bus. As a results, he came along with us with his uniform.

I  could not believe it. Along the way, my heart just beat out a 'soft' rhythm. But when the prefects were gonna distribute the results to our f5 candidates, my breathing grew fast. Some of them very emotional- they screamed through the aiR whereas some shed their tears, perhaps they were over joy or upset when they received their results.

What I wanna trying to say is--  I was very very satisfied with my unexpected results. I could see through my eyes, my both parents were indeed proud of my good job. At least this was one of the way to show my love to them.  A big thank you to them for sponsoring me to have tuition outside, plus fetch me here and there and whatsoever. Well, I know you both were tired sometimes. haha. I just found out it was easier to convey my words in blogging than to speak it out. Hey, don't weep after reading this post. But who cares, maybe weep of joy? yea.. definitely..  T_T

Congratulations to those who passed spm with flying colours.
cheers  =)

hmm.. our yesterday plan was changed totally. My old classmate and I, together with our own mum dropped by his aunt's house and sought some advice on our study's pathway. Surely she had so much experience, was a teacher in XXX  and her husband was a principal in XXX.. After we interacted for almost 3 hours, I derived many benifits from them. Currently, I have a clearer picture about my futher studies. A second big thank you to you both too - my personal counselor. =D   *jokes*

A third thank you to those include my relatives as well as my friends who call up and congrates me. I really appreciate all of  them.

I would like to end up this post with a saying :

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time's up

off to get my spm results after an hour..
Let's see what will happen next..

Pretty sure many ph0ne calls t0day..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Completely In A Dilemma

There were several questions kept flooding my mind.
I could not take any action myself.
What to do?
Ahead of me was blocked by several factors.
ERM.. it seemed like I have to consider them very thoroughly.
Would it bring bad effect on me or I should say--
Would I feel regret on my decision?
How I wish I could never come across that kind of problem..
And get myself into trouble.
No doubt. I have to face it bravely, searching for the solutions.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Lonely Streets Came Alive

Surprisingly, my dad suggested that he wanted to bring us to participate the annual CNY Cultural & Heritage Celebration on the 20th Feb. As a penangite for almost 18 years, it was my first time taking part in these such grand activities.

Apparently, it took us some time to find a parking area. However, we still had to walk quite a long distance to our destination. The event started at 3pm until the midnight at the inner city heritage enclave. The activities took place at nine different streets which I could say that--- some of the streets I had never travelled before.

Hmm.. firstly, we visited Penang Islamic Museum and it was free admission. OF course, I snapped some pictures there.

When darkness beginning to descend, every streets were slowly thronged with crowds ( holiday-makers, foreign visitors, local people....). Arghh.. I was suffocated and kept sweating. It was believed that over 100,000 participants turned up for the street party. Armed with a free guide booklet, we walked around the streets.

I was pretty fascinated with the decorations there. Strings of bright red lanterns had been put up while the grey structures and historical buildings or whatsoever were adorned with an eye-catching designs. IT seemed like the old old streets already came alive with excitement and sounds.

DANG DANG DANG.. Highlight of the day:
The arrival of the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng. For sure we met him that day. Well, he was my dad's idol. Come on, Thumbs up & Claps hands to him!!! He indeed had done his great job. Fully support you , MR.Lim! FOR OUR CITIZENS, FOR OUR COUNTRY & FOR OUR FUTURE!

The revelries went on all night. Around 9 something, we went nearby for our dinner and we then went back home.

Souvenirs from the party

Comment of the day:
I was impressed with the costly cultural extravaganza as well as the historical sites.