Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected incidents

As usual, we went to do aerobic at youth park almost every weekend. All was going very well. All of the sudden, there was something attracted our attention. Oh no!! Someone was lying unconciously on the ground. Undoubtedly, many people stop exercising and surround the malay encik. It surprised me. What's wrong with that guy?? An unknown lady then come forward and help to do cpr with him. Still, he was found unconcious. Within few minutes, ambulance reached the spot. wth!! they did not take action as quick as they could. The moment that they take the cloth up and cover his body. I knew.. i knew that he couldn't be saved anymore. What a sad scene.

What made me furious the most was there was someone who did not have general knowledge. Why were u all being so kpc??? U all shouldn't stand near to the man, maybe he lack of fresh air.

It was the first time that I witnessed the occurrence of such this incident. What should i do when the person lying down was the one closed to me, my friends or even my family? Will I dive into uncontrotable emotion? or i will stay calm and call for help? well, I hope that this will not happen to anyone.