Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a mess!


" wait time..after exam..!"

haiz..since 2day is weekends..
better clean up now..if cant tahan anymore..
but where to start first? BOOKS, NOTES & FILES pile up over the place.. ( floor, table, sofa..etc)

ps: please don't pay me a visit or enter my study room when exam is carried on!  Haha...if not..u'll be fainted..


After sch hols, 4 days to go ..trial will be ended soon. It would be the last time i sit for sch examinations in my secondary sch..muz appreciate it.. haha. Looking back. from F1 to F5.I have sat for abt 18 times sch exams.. How time flies! And it was not too bad after all..(sweet & bitter)

Happy holidays & have an enjoyable Hari Raya!  whee.. balik kampung!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Magic tricks

Addicted to magics recently..
Learn some from my little sifu mR.Jern n from nets..
one of my idols~~David Copperfield
he is d 'World of wonder'...

Thousands of quetions keep floading in my mind.  WHY he has such power n skills?  WHERE he get those from?  HOW could he make d statue of liberty vanish n appear again? HOW could he fly in the air without wings? HOW could he walk through d great wall of China?  Why why & why?? since i were young,i wish to be a magician .. but impossible right? LOL.. Practice makes perfect.. hopefully i wil show some in front of my friends one day..


Ghoster have a great 17 !!

Since you don't want us
to sing in front of u..
so here's the song..
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to LKM,
Happy birthday to you.

ps: from my sweet melody..xD

LKM aka ghoster or Bubu..
HAHA..dun kill me..
A nice name wat..
long time din call u like dat..
Yay!! finally u old d..
Dun be childish anymore..
wish u hav an unforgettable 17th bdae
with your little fans..
all around d world also know abt it..
you & 'Q' ? 'Q' & you?
LOL...complicated relationship..
U have been a great friend
throughout d whole yr..
Nah.. A special birthday cake..
Juz for you..
Make a wish..xD

Jern was merdeka!

MERDEKA ~~~(x7)

LoL.. Finally long-waited UPSR ended..
congrates ya JERN..
u have completed 1/4 of d education path!!
Get ready to the next phase of sch life..
U r no longer a kid! N dun ever bully me..
NVM.. 3 more months to go..
I'll be the same..
say goodbye to my secondary high sch & my mates..
What's my feelings now?
Sad? Excited? Joy? or.....
By d time, i shall know.. i think..