Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Past Tense Part 2

In a blink of an eye, I was jobless around sixteen days.
Let's recall back my working environment.

Because of it, I had known these three cute little cartoons:




Because of it, I learnt to be more patient.

Because of it, I gained much experience and
derived some benefits.

Because of it,  I grab the chance to bully HER

Because of it, the idea of the name of miss cartoon
and miss PPG exists.  =D

Because of it, we pretty sure had sheer joy there.

Last but not least.....
Because of it, I can show off one of my masterpieces here..
*jokes*  xP

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bye t0 My First Part Time Job

Something funny happened yesterday morning. Guess what?

As usual, my dad fetch me work early in the morning. Actually yesterday was the day that I quit my job there. My permanent aunty nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw me there, hmm.. can imagine?  (her expression, her look ) she thought that I worked till Monday only. No doubt. I had to call my mum fetch me home again. What I regret about was I still not yet say goodbye to my lovely PPG products, my colleagues plus I  had not completed my work yet. Arghh, felt like I was irresponsible at all.

Nevermind. Time flies. I spent around my 70 days there. Frankly, I had a sheer joy, gained much experience, and most of all I knew some good friends include those aunties. Hey, I missed out something. The days that I, Miss PPG worked together with Miss Cartoon, we indeed spent a marvellous time- idled and chattered around, did some nonsense as well as we had break time together.

Alright, now switch to my supervisors and the manager. err.. They treated us very good than to the permanent promoters. I had never expected it happen before. The day after the spm results was released, supervisors and my colleagues them came and asked me, plus they congrates me for doing well. Whoa, the news spread as quick as lightning. The whole floor knew it. Well, at that moment, warmness surround me and I could felt their sincerity.

I appreciate all those memories there. hmm. sweet & bitter. Photos would be uploaded soon.

Goodbye to my badge. Gonna return it later.. =(

Friday, March 12, 2010

My words

Yesterday was my daddy day off due to some reasons.. so he fetch me, with my mummy and my little brother to my school to get spm results.. poor dear.. we had to make my brother awakened early in the morning as we feared that he would miss his school bus. As a results, he came along with us with his uniform.

I  could not believe it. Along the way, my heart just beat out a 'soft' rhythm. But when the prefects were gonna distribute the results to our f5 candidates, my breathing grew fast. Some of them very emotional- they screamed through the aiR whereas some shed their tears, perhaps they were over joy or upset when they received their results.

What I wanna trying to say is--  I was very very satisfied with my unexpected results. I could see through my eyes, my both parents were indeed proud of my good job. At least this was one of the way to show my love to them.  A big thank you to them for sponsoring me to have tuition outside, plus fetch me here and there and whatsoever. Well, I know you both were tired sometimes. haha. I just found out it was easier to convey my words in blogging than to speak it out. Hey, don't weep after reading this post. But who cares, maybe weep of joy? yea.. definitely..  T_T

Congratulations to those who passed spm with flying colours.
cheers  =)

hmm.. our yesterday plan was changed totally. My old classmate and I, together with our own mum dropped by his aunt's house and sought some advice on our study's pathway. Surely she had so much experience, was a teacher in XXX  and her husband was a principal in XXX.. After we interacted for almost 3 hours, I derived many benifits from them. Currently, I have a clearer picture about my futher studies. A second big thank you to you both too - my personal counselor. =D   *jokes*

A third thank you to those include my relatives as well as my friends who call up and congrates me. I really appreciate all of  them.

I would like to end up this post with a saying :

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time's up

off to get my spm results after an hour..
Let's see what will happen next..

Pretty sure many ph0ne calls t0day..

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Completely In A Dilemma

There were several questions kept flooding my mind.
I could not take any action myself.
What to do?
Ahead of me was blocked by several factors.
ERM.. it seemed like I have to consider them very thoroughly.
Would it bring bad effect on me or I should say--
Would I feel regret on my decision?
How I wish I could never come across that kind of problem..
And get myself into trouble.
No doubt. I have to face it bravely, searching for the solutions.