Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in F6 (summary)

Finally, I had completed my pre-U education at pcghs. 
Yes!! no more short hairs, 
no more school rules,
& no more demerits....
For the past one and a half year,
it is not easy for me to go through those days.
tuitions, assignments, kolokium, exams, dissection..

I can't deny it. sometimes I face some pressure from my studies.
there's a lot of facts that we have to understand fully and memorise it.
I did not have much confidence for my stpm.
Blame myself for my silly mistakes & did not work very very very hard....
Anyway, all was over.
I just hope i can get a satisfy results, getting a good course in U later.

join peace run with friends


celebrate HM birthday

walk for sight..


Monday, January 31, 2011

Unexpected incidents

As usual, we went to do aerobic at youth park almost every weekend. All was going very well. All of the sudden, there was something attracted our attention. Oh no!! Someone was lying unconciously on the ground. Undoubtedly, many people stop exercising and surround the malay encik. It surprised me. What's wrong with that guy?? An unknown lady then come forward and help to do cpr with him. Still, he was found unconcious. Within few minutes, ambulance reached the spot. wth!! they did not take action as quick as they could. The moment that they take the cloth up and cover his body. I knew.. i knew that he couldn't be saved anymore. What a sad scene.

What made me furious the most was there was someone who did not have general knowledge. Why were u all being so kpc??? U all shouldn't stand near to the man, maybe he lack of fresh air.

It was the first time that I witnessed the occurrence of such this incident. What should i do when the person lying down was the one closed to me, my friends or even my family? Will I dive into uncontrotable emotion? or i will stay calm and call for help? well, I hope that this will not happen to anyone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Friday, November 19, 2010


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is still searching the momentum, will and power.......
         Wish me luck!!! =)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Routines

 First routine
My first attempt to make multilayer of sandwishes and salad. Instead, this time was special as the sandwishes was hard work between piggy & me. Well, the whole process took us longer time than we had expected. Apparently, we mess up the kitchen. hehe..  Joyfully, the sandwishes tastes mouth-watering. Thumbs up for us!! Hooray!!

we shop for the ingreedients that morning.

ewe! =(  (the shape looked weird)
this was the end product after we slice and fried them.

multilayer sandwishes!! =)  

yummy !!! =D

Second routine
Of course, we did not miss those movies after suffering examinations and tiring school days.

 An horrible and bloody movie. Luckily,
it did not bring any nightmare to me. =)

 A must-watch and strongy recommended movie! 
Their dances was just as excellent as those in
' so you think you can dance'......

Third routine
Clean up my study room, file up a vast amount of my tuition notes as well as school notes.
hmm.. this instill mood and motivation in me to study hard in a condusive environment.

Forth routine
The malay saying goes ' badan sihat, otak cerdas'. Hmm, We enjoyed ourselves much in exercise- badminton, jogging and last but not least aerobic, which was my favourite. There was another reason lied behind it, I desire to burn up more calories in body. =P

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time waits for no man

Well, my life was packed with schedule recently.  Loads of  homework and assignments are always waiting there for  me. I have been a few days din switch on pc and up-to-date with the news feed in facebook.

After listening to one's advice, I started to realise that the saying ' Time is of essence' is totally true. I began to slow down my pace these few days. What happen to me?  =(  This was not the thing that I want. I wish I can always try my best from time to time.

Sometimes, I feel kinda regret towards my silly actions. Thank to him, he is the one who always be there to remind us what should be done and what should-not-be.  That day onwards, I keep reminding me & encouraging me to be better and better, finally be the best one of me. I want to compete with myself but not others. That's the only thing that I can do - for my bright future. Though there lies circumstances ahead of me, I am always telling  myself,   " I will never try to give up-NEVER ! "  =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

我 VS 雨

雨,可是我的敌人。 无论用什么方式,我都斗不过它。参与昨日的学校越野赛跑后,就感到不适,结果感冒了。 我,讨厌生病。它,使我痛不欲生,好想与药物断绝关系。做任何事都无法聚精会神。   我不知不觉浪费了几包纸巾。 ='C


Saturday, July 31, 2010




Friday, July 30, 2010


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too sudden

First pre-U monthly test is just around the corner,
that is next week.
Damn, I was not fully make my preparations
for all those subjects especially Bio.
There are so many terms need to remember vividly
Plus, there exists a huge gap between f5 and f6.
Hard work & determination are needed from time to time.
well, I guess my tiny brain will burst one day. =P

Hmm.. What to do?
I am begging a person now for not punishing me.
But of course I will try my best as I could.
Please give me one more chance kay?
I will probably strive hard for my end-of-year examinations.

I know you are there,
looking at the every sentences. =D