Thursday, April 29, 2010

My sweet 18



LOL... =D

Had my early birthday celebration with fellow buddies at Queensbay on 24th April. Obviously, the celebration this year was totally different and special compared to previous year. hmm.. let's intro our VIP during the day. A big applaus to them!! cheers..


Miss Yeoh


Miss Lee


Miss Pung


Miss Tan

We had our lunch at OXO. erm.. I like the atmosphere and interior design there. A nice and suitable place to recommend to you guys.  

Is it grand?

hmm.. thumbs up for the salad!  yummy..

Straight to the summary, we just did some window shopping and snap pictures.

first shot of LULU, DUDU & BUBU

I just wanna to say....
Special thanks to my family, my relatives,
my friends and not least my special one 
 for their birthday wishes and gifts.
IT's so great and just perfect!
Truly appreciate those around me.
Truly appreciate my life,
I will find I will have more than it.
You guys' presence were dearly missed.
It would not be so much fun without you guys.
All happen vividly clear in my mind.
And could feel it deep in my heart.

This is the unique gifts that I had ever got!
26.04.2010.. I had a fantastic night with you~
A hearty thanks again..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Unforgettable experience

Wake up early in this morning, get ready myself as quick as possible. LoL.. Fear started to engulf me. My two tooth were extracted this morning as I was going to put on braces soon. Luckily, my heart just beat out a soft rythm when the process was carried on. At the same time, I could hear the songs by Backstreet Boys played in the room. And it indeed helped me to relax myself.  Without my expectation, the 'operation' just took about 15 mins or 20 mins. Honestly, I did not feel pain at all. However, after a couple minutes, my face turned as pale as a white sheet and almost fainted while on our way back to the car park. So I had to take a short rest lay on the sofa there. Aiks, no pain no gain right?   ='(    ------>    =)

Miss there terribly.. LOL

Have you ever fell in deep love with a place?
Have you ever wish to stay there permanently?
Have you ever found out a place where you feel totally relaxed?

Ok... I have not been there for almost half a year.
There's one of my dating place with my friends. xP
We do our revisions, discuss and chat around.
Sometimes I like to curl myself  up in the armchair.
Well, the atmosphere is very cheerful.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Walk For Sight

The title clearly says it. It was my first participation in this charity walk.

Hmm.. I found the event meaningful as we could grab the opportunity to experience blindness as well as it encourage us to more value our sight. The activity went on which the sighted person will lead another who was blindfolded on a walk. Well, Miss Yeoh, Miss Lee and Miss Ung we three walked in a group. We absolutely had fun along this 3.8 km walk.

I guess the whole walk just took us within one hour.

Dang Dang Dang.... Every participant watched out for this moment--> Lucky Draw!
Well, all total had 114 prizes as the event held on 11th April. Lucky me, I win number 86 though it was just a small gift, a feminine wash. Arghh, nevermind then.

my lucky number..

Poor LKM, got nothing from that. She must be furious and disappointed ! =P


Please fully support WFS!

picture of the day....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whatcha Say

Finally, the JPA interview that i attended yesterday was over. I heaved a sigh of relief.

" How's your interview?" they asked me.

" So so lo... no comment..," I replied.

I am in panel 3, first group and also got the number 1. So it  finished very soon.

The interviewers explained to us that the whole interview divided into three parts:

  • Introduce yourself in malay (given 2 mins )
  • Who is your role model in your life?..... * some sort like this*  (given 2 mins)
  • Why do you think you deserve to get the scholarship? (given 1 min)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good or Bad news?

hmm.. Next wednesday is a big day for me and is also a red letter day for one of my buddies. Guess what?

I will attend a JPA interview in Kepala Batas. I totally don't have any idea where the place is located. Anyway, my dad is going to figure out it soon.

err.. it's somewhere around here.. =D

Honestly, I hate it. What a complicated process. Have to photocopy and prepare all those documents, online take Ujian Khas, back to school to certify those stuffs, and get me a formal clothes as well.. blablabla....

Definitely I could feel butterflies in my tummy at that moment. haha.. Just hope everything will be fine and please do not sia sui myself there. Cross my fingers! wish me good luck. grins.. =)  *self-soothe*