Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holiday Routines

 First routine
My first attempt to make multilayer of sandwishes and salad. Instead, this time was special as the sandwishes was hard work between piggy & me. Well, the whole process took us longer time than we had expected. Apparently, we mess up the kitchen. hehe..  Joyfully, the sandwishes tastes mouth-watering. Thumbs up for us!! Hooray!!

we shop for the ingreedients that morning.

ewe! =(  (the shape looked weird)
this was the end product after we slice and fried them.

multilayer sandwishes!! =)  

yummy !!! =D

Second routine
Of course, we did not miss those movies after suffering examinations and tiring school days.

 An horrible and bloody movie. Luckily,
it did not bring any nightmare to me. =)

 A must-watch and strongy recommended movie! 
Their dances was just as excellent as those in
' so you think you can dance'......

Third routine
Clean up my study room, file up a vast amount of my tuition notes as well as school notes.
hmm.. this instill mood and motivation in me to study hard in a condusive environment.

Forth routine
The malay saying goes ' badan sihat, otak cerdas'. Hmm, We enjoyed ourselves much in exercise- badminton, jogging and last but not least aerobic, which was my favourite. There was another reason lied behind it, I desire to burn up more calories in body. =P

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