Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in F6 (summary)

Finally, I had completed my pre-U education at pcghs. 
Yes!! no more short hairs, 
no more school rules,
& no more demerits....
For the past one and a half year,
it is not easy for me to go through those days.
tuitions, assignments, kolokium, exams, dissection..

I can't deny it. sometimes I face some pressure from my studies.
there's a lot of facts that we have to understand fully and memorise it.
I did not have much confidence for my stpm.
Blame myself for my silly mistakes & did not work very very very hard....
Anyway, all was over.
I just hope i can get a satisfy results, getting a good course in U later.

join peace run with friends


celebrate HM birthday

walk for sight..


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